Is Dublin busy?


In December 2015, In the Company of Huskies created a new website that tells Dubliners the very best times to do their Christmas shopping. The website, worked by pulling in live data from a range of different sources and displaying it in a way shoppers would understand and find useful. The website interprets and relays a variety of information ranging from Dublin Bike availability and car park spaces, to public transport tweets and M50 journey times so that people could efficiently plan their shopping trips.

We identified multiple data sources, both historic and real-time, which could potentially help shoppers. These datasets were provided by Dublin City Council, Dublin City BID, and Transport Infrastructure Ireland. We brought all of these disconnected data sources together into one site. 

Winner of a bronze ICAD Award.


We also extracted some useful insights from the historical data and presented them in an infographic.

What I did

  • web design 
  • infographic design

Selected Works

MovemberOutdoor, experiential

Fáilte Irelandillustration, print, lettering


Motionmotion graphics, video

ALIV createsbrand, web, motion

ALIVart direction, campaign, web

Tara Buildinglettering, mural

REVbranding, UX, web