Tara Building

One with another together

Lettering, mural


Any conversation that myself and Barry have had for the last countless years has invariably included some element of vague scheming 'one of these days we should do a project together'. It was a real privilege and pleasure to finally get to work on something with him. We designed this piece over and back over the course of many months and it was always exciting to see what he would bring to it.

We were lucky to have help from Dad with the painting in January. He very generously put in three days of hard graft on a scaffold with us, saving the day and our sanity.

The Tara Building is a lovely space, really well run by Hazel and the team there. The members made us feel very welcome and it was apparent that they have established a solid sense of community within the building. We wanted to create a piece for them that would be a positive and harmonious addition to their environment. And thanks to Ben for putting us together with the Tara Building in the first place.


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