launching a new telecom brand



The mobile market in the Bahamas had been a monopoly until the Bahamian government opened the market to competition in 2016.

A new provider ALIV was born and tasked Huskies with positioning and launching this new brand in a way that would connect with an audience unfamiliar with competition in this category.


A key part of this launch was to build a website that would serve as a launchpad for the brand, getting them to market and announcing them as a brash new challenger brand. We needed to familiarise Bahamians with ALIV and tell them about their product offerings, primarily phones and data plans. The roadmap for the site then needed to

The app needed to have clear explanation of their account details, data usage and allow them to manage their bill or buy credit if it was a pre-paid account.

Building an understanding

I collaborated remotely, but closely, with the the team in the Bahamas as well as our internal team to devise an initial two phase approach.

  1. Introduce the Bahamas to our brand and allow consumers to browse and purchase available plans and handsets
  2. Launch account management app
  3. Focus on B2B with products, messaging and explainer content tailored for business customers

Research in to competitors obviously included major telecom brands, but it also included lifestyle brands as it was integral to the brief that the site conveyed an aspirational but relatable tone to the local audience through carefully tailored brand visuals and a slick user experience. Our team worked to understand what this meant to a Bahamian audience through a mixture of research including surveys and interviews with local stakeholders and consumers.

I then worked to understand purchase journeys and used that to inform the information architecture for our initial MVP.


We explored various purchase journeys. At the time Bahamians were much more likely to use cash and to make their purchase at a store or reseller.


We use user journeys to inform the information architecture


A landing page was quickly devised to a) build brand awareness, b) start building an email list, and c) get some valuable audience information, namely what handsets people use and what they would be interested in. 


Landing page

This was closely followed by version 1 of the ALIV site. 


The launch version of´╗┐

The IA reflected on the site's menu.


The app was focused on account functionality


The next iteration of the site featured content tailored for business customers


The content hub was called 'ALIV Business Collective' intended to foster a sense of community and shared expertise


Three years after its launch, ALIV had transformed the telco market in The Bahamas, establishing a 38% market share and making it a brand now firmly embedded in the vibrant hearts and minds of the Bahamian people.

Some more on the creative and strategy side of the account over on the Huskies site.


  • What I did: UX and UI
  • Development: Jakub Wang
  • Technical director: Adrian Peyton