Cable Bahamas


Website UX & design, brand refresh

REV have been looking after the entertainment and communications needs of Bahamians since March 1995. They offer services similar to Sky or Eir in the Irish market i.e. cable TV, broadband and fixed line telephone service. I worked with them to renew their brand identity and design a new website. 


Part of the brief. was to retain the original logo so I incorporated the quirky angles in to the new visual language of the brand.

Designing and building a new full-featured website was the corner stone of this brand refresh. The site functions as both their primary generator of new customer leads and as their customer service and information portal.

Product structure

The most fundamental problem to solve was the product structure. We working with our main client to understand their offering and bring clarity to their product offering, streamlining their offering and bringing consistent naming and logical hierarchy, while still providing enough flexibility for the customer to tailor packages to their requirements. My role at this stage was to create user flows and prototypes that would serve as proof of concept for the proposed options.


Overview of the revised product structure


New sales funnel flow

Customers were able to either start with a pre-made bundle to which they could add custom add-ons, or they could create a custom bundle of services. Options were then progressively disclosed so that the user was not overloaded with decisions at any stage.

There was clear feedback at every stage step, with choices highlighted and other options dimmed. Transparency was integral, with dynamic pricing indicator that showed the users total at all times as they added or removed services. In this way there was a degree of forgiveness built in, where it was really easy for a user to deselect a choice or go back a step.

The system was intended to feel responsive with a sliding card based UI animation that created a fluid and seamless purchase journey. The copy tone was natural and conversational.

After working with the client to define a streamlined product structure my UX approach centred on a sliding card based UI animation that created a fluid and seamless purchase journey. Customers were able to create a custom bundle of services with clear selection mechanisms at each step and a dynamic pricing indicator.

I incorporated UI animations, parallax mouse interactions and large scale videos and imagery to highlight REV's role as an entertainment service that delights its customers. I devised a motion style using track mattes and displacement map transitions that could be used for online video content and broadcast interstitials.


Annotated designs used to get client and team alignment and were part of the develop handover. 


We incorporated UI animations, parallax scrolling and large scale videos and imagery to speak to REV's role as an entertainment service that delights its customers.


  • What I did: brand design, UX, UI, motion design
  • Development: Jakub Wang
  • Technical director: Adrian Peyton